The places of the First World War in Vallagarina

Vallagarina still retains many traces of the First World War, fought in this area from May 1915 until the armistice of 1918 (for a historical overview see the page on Vallagarina in the Great War).

In addition to the War Museum, there are other important institutions dedicated to the memory of the war in Rovereto. Twenty thousand fallen Austrians and Italians lie in the great Memorial of Rovereto. The Peace Bell on the hill of Miravalle rings one hundred times every night as a warning against war.

The mountains and valleys are full of historic sites accessible on picturesque hikes along what was once the front line, which today make up the Path of Peace.

The itineraries range between short walks suitable for all and more challenging hikes. Some useful tools are available to help you find your way.
A guide entitled The Places of the Great War in Vallagarina is distributed free at the War Museum and at Rovereto’s Tourist Office. It is available online in PDF format.

“Vallagarina: the places of the First World War” is a topographic hiking map made by 4Land for sale at the museum bookshop and the Info Point of the Rovereto APT for 4 Euros.

A free digital version of the map is available for mobile devices. To get it download the PDF Maps app and then click here.

For tourist information and where to stay and eat in Vallagarina go to www.visitrovereto.it.
To learn about events, exhibitions and museums dedicated to the First World War in Trentino visit the website www.trentinograndeguerra.it

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