Women at War


Women at War

10 October 2015 – 24 January 2016
Tuesday – Sunday | 10-18

It is impossible to understand the First World War without taking into consideration the female component of society.
Women were mobilised to compensate for the lack working men and boost the soldiers’ morale, in addition to managing the family budget.
Some women took on these roles by accepting the war as a disaster; others staged protest demonstrations. There were also those who allied themselves to support the reasons for the conflict.
All of them experienced great responsibility, alongside the solitude and the gravity of the events.

We present photographs of women caught in the situations of a “mutilated” life (wives or mothers without the support of husbands, refugees, widows), in new or traditional work scenarios; sometimes in difficult but socially recognised professions such as that of the nurse.

Sometimes the images demonstrate the act of “being alive”, to reassure those who are far away. Other times they retain traces of meetings destined never to be repeated; others document extraordinary situations.
The men almost always appear in uniform, the women “framed” in previously unknown roles, just as decisive for the war.
One hundred years since those events, we can see how societal changes brought about by the war contributed to the empowerment process of Italian women, a difficult and hard won path destined to last for decades.