The Library of the Italian War History Museum has over 35 000 items including books and booklets about history and military technology (artillery, fortifications and equipment).
The majority of these works have been collected through acquisitions and private donations.

Part of the collection is the Emeroteca (newspaper and periodical library), which contains more than 1.900 examples of newspapers and specialist magazines. It features a wide range of newspapers from the trenches, from Fiume and from Dalmatia, as well as colonial magazines. Current magazines cover the various disciplines of the museum, from contemporary history (with particular reference to military history) to working in the museum, education and public-records sectors. They also cover military technology (arms and fortifications) and problems in the defence sector.

Regulations for researchers
To consult the library you must arrange an appointment with the archivist.
Texts can only be consulted within the museum.
Photocopies are permitted only if the original is in a good state of conservation.

Online consultation
Several volumes from the museum’s collection are available online on the website of the Provincia di Trento at

Nicola Fontana
by appointment

+39 0464 420824

The library is in via della Terra 46, Rovereto.

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